A taxing time!

Dear Readers: It's tax season! I'm sure most of you have a tax question or two. Help is available by phone or by going on the web.
There is a general-information phone number, 800-829-4477, but most of your . . . more »

This animal is working!

Dear Heloise: A family member uses A SERVICE DOG, and people come up, especially with children, and fuss over the dog. The dog is working and should not be bothered. They don't seem to know that you should not . . . more »

Backpack donation

Employees of BancorpSouth of Paragould recently completed a fundraiser and contributed $500 to the Paragould School District's Backpack Program. BancorpSouth employees are Partners in Education with the Paragould Junior High School. Pictured from left are: Jake Bland, senior vice president; Tori Thompson, PSD representative; Joe Wessell, market president, and Penny French, branch manager.

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Don't mangle the message

Dear Readers: Sorry, what number did you leave on my voicemail? Here's the Heloise Hint when leaving a VOICE MESSAGE on a recorded phone line (could be landline or cellphone): Speak clearly, slowly and . . . more »

Text neck: A new ailment?

Send a great hint to:
P.O. Box 795000
San Antonio, TX 78279-5000
Fax: 1-210-HELOISE
Email: Heloise@Heloise.com
No sliding away
Dear Heloise: Airline tray tables are hard plastic, which can be very . . . more »

Empty extinguisher a done deal

Dear Heloise: How do I refill or at least recycle my home fire extinguisher? -- Susan M., via email
Hi, Susan! Refilling fire extinguishers is typically not recommended. If you have a used fire extinguisher, take . . . more »

The cold truth

Dear Heloise: In a recent column asking about freezing milk, you stated that you cannot freeze canned items. Why not? Does the can do something to the food?
I'm asking because I freeze canned peaches in 100 . . . more »

Get down with fluffing

Dear Readers: Are you are using your down feather bedding, which is so cozy and warm, in cold weather? How do you take care of it? To help make good-quality down bedding last, it does need care.
Well, there is . . . more »

Patterns for free

Dear Readers: If you're the crafty sort and like to try your knack at projects and possibilities, look for free patterns first. Whenever I need or want help with an idea or project I'd like to try, I go into my . . . more »

Donations are in the cards

Dear Heloise: Help! I can't seem to throw away old Christmas cards. I think I read once in your column where to send them.
If so, do I send the whole card, or just the cover? Thanks so much. -- V.J.T., via . . . more »

The pantry code

Dear Readers: When is the last time you cleaned out and organized your pantry? Are there items that have expired? Did you even know some of those food items were in there after they got pushed to the back? Try . . . more »

Take a pass on premium gas?

Dear Heloise: I am so confused! I have been buying premium gas for my car, but I just watched a news report that stated many of us are using premium gas when we could be using regular.
I really don't want to . . . more »

Vintage conservation

Dear Readers: Any chance I get, I like to pass on valuable information I receive concerning certain topics I've addressed. Such is the case with this letter.
A reader wrote: "Your column is a great source of . . . more »

Local Briefs

Finance Committee to meet Oct. 31
The Greene County Quorum Court Finance Team will meet at 7 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 31, to discuss the 2017 Budget. The meeting will be held in the large jury room upstairs in the Courthouse.
Flu . . . more »

Locals Corner

Dawn Williams, 33, is the mother of two boys. Born and raised in Paragould, she graduated from Paragould High School and went on to nursing school. Both of her sons love to play basketball, and Williams usually plays the sport with them. But lately she has not been able to, because the boys will have a baby sister soon. Williams' favorite destination is Washington D.C. Going there when she was in high school changed her mind about history, and now she has it in mind to travel there again someday with her family. Williams' most cherished memories are of her grandpa, who was a U.S. Navy veteran. He was there when Williams caught her first fish, and he is there in her heart today. Jeremy Ellis / Daily Press

Baldwin Students of the Month

Here are the Baldwin Elementary School September Students of the Month. On the back row are: Sam Treece, Zarah Vega, Foster Wazenegger, and Dante England. On the middle row are: Lulu Kaiko, Eyden Wiggins, Lucy Hunt, and Sara Bulluck. On the front row are: Jacob Atchley, and Bryson Johnson. Not pictured is Gage Crowe.

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Kiwanis leadership

The Paragould Kiwanis Club recently held its annual banquet at the Reynolds Park building. The civic club's new officers and board members for 2016-17 are (from left): Benny Whitaker (board member), Terry Austin (president-elect), Tammye Caldwell (secretary), Debbie Cross (treasurer), Tim Johnson (vice-president), Lynn Tierney (past president), Dana Bradford (president) and Alan Ainley (board member).

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Southland C-9 Fall Festival

Southland C-9 in Cardwell, Mo. will be hosting their Fall Festival in the high school gym from 6-8 p . . . more »

AMMC host breastfeeding class

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center will sponsor a breastfeeding class for moms who plan to breastfeed . . . more »

AMMC host infant safety class

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center sponsors an infant safety class from 6-8 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 7 an . . . more »

Master Gardeners host Brown bag lunch program

The Master Gardeners will meet from noon until 1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov.8 at the Greene County Public Lib . . . more »

BRTC to Host Blood Drive

Black River Technical College (BRTC) in Paragould will host a blood drive to benefit the American Re . . . more »