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The sweet smell of samples

Dear Heloise: When I travel, I like to pack those perfume samples that come in magazines. That way, I don't have to worry about my perfume bottles breaking or leaking, and I get to try different perfumes. -- Jama C., North Port, Fla.

Jama, I assume you rub the perfume side on your skin, which is a very clever idea. I use those same samples to keep my suitcases smelling nice.

-- Heloise

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Protecting your hands

Dear Heloise: I just read your column in The (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Gazette, and like so many of your readers, I like to garden and get my hands in the dirt, but hate paying the price with my hands. The best solution I've found is to buy a box of (100) medical exam gloves at a pharmacy. They're sturdy, feel comfortable and are waterproof. They're also cheap enough to throw away, even if you use several pairs a day. Happy gardening! -- Nancy M., Colorado Springs, Colo.

Nancy, that's a great idea!

-- Heloise

Memories that last

Dear Heloise: Both of our daughters got married in December, and before they stored their gowns, I snipped a bit of tulle from under their dresses and two flowers from their bouquets. I also took a small flower from the groom's boutonniere. I used material from the little birdseed bags and ribbons from the wedding. I bought two silk Christmas ornaments for each couple in the color of their wedding. I decorated the ornaments with these items and presented them to the two couples at Christmas so they could have a special memory of their wedding on their trees for years to come. -- Donna M. in Nebraska

A marshmallow message

Dear Heloise: When we buy marshmallows, we put them in a 1-gallon sealable bag with a couple of heaping tablespoons of powdered sugar, and shake well. Keeps just fine, and the marshmallows don't get sticky or clump together. I read your column in the Springfield (Ohio) News-Sun. -- Ken R., via email

Vacuum dilemma

Dear Heloise: I just exposed myself to concentrated filth! How? By once more having to empty my vacuum cleaner. Why hasn't someone come up with a "green vacuum" by now? -- Frances M., Fayetteville, Ark.

Frances, they have. There are bagless vacuums now. Just remove the dust-collecting cylinder, take it out to the trash can and empty it into the trash. There also are robotic cleaners. Both work well to make that chore easier and cleaner.

-- Heloise

Refrigerator redo

Dear Heloise: Here's a way to repurpose old place mats: Line the refrigerator shelves with them and launder when needed. -- Darlene R. in Washington