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Sunday 05/08/2016
Hello Readers of The Daily Press
Posted: May 08, 2016

My name is Ashley Webb and I have been the Sales Manager here at The Daily Press since January.  I have met a lot of the great citizens of Paragould and can honestly say I have been welcomed with OPEN ARMS from everyone I have come into contact with.  

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Saturday 05/07/2016
Our View: Thankful for our freedom
Posted: May 07, 2016

Several churches, ministries, elected officials and other individuals were represented at the National Day of Prayer event held at the Collins Theatre in downtown Paragould on Thursday.

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Letter to the Editor: Stolen beauty
Posted: May 07, 2016

Thieves are disgusting. Flower Thieves dug up two large peonies that had been on the property for more than 35 years Thursday morning. The property was mowed on Wednesday afternoon and the flowers were noticed missing the next morning. Someone obviously couldn't resist having their beauty for themselves as they decided to steal them as opposed to observing them. Just because you don't see someone on the property doesn't mean you are free to help yourself to whatever you want.

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Age concerns are so old
Posted: May 07, 2016

If the remaining choices we have don’t change somehow, we will elect one of our oldest presidents six months from today.

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Thursday 05/05/2016
Letter to the Editor: Liberal columnists
Posted: May 05, 2016

I react prematurely when the liberal cartoons appear, then recall that they are in the paper representing both sides. Seems the editorials are the same. To read an opposing view is helpful to analyze/critique what one’s view is. Recently (The Daily Press, April 22, 2016) two editorials from National contributors were loaded with the leftist’s views. Sometimes there is no opposing view unless the general public writes in. Thanks editor of the Daily Press for the opportunity. Ain’t it great that we have a free country! God bless America and the military who fight for it!

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Tuesday 05/03/2016
Letter to the Editor: Cause and effect
Posted: May 03, 2016

In reference to the editor’s comments Sunday, 24th April ’16: Wait a minute, let’s look at this a different way. I am a retired educator and tire of the rap we get. So let’s pretend we are a fly on the wall at the Daily Press and the following happens.

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Our View: Reports available to the public should be complete
Updated: May 03, 2016 - 5:53 pm

We were glad to see the Arkansas Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that upheld a Pulaski County circuit judge’s ruling that the public is entitled to unredacted accident reports.

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Friday 04/29/2016
Our View: The open carry conundrum
Posted: April 29, 2016

This week The Daily Press published two articles related to the open carry issue in our community, in our Sunday and Tuesday editions.

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