Bradbury Art Museum to open 'Inspired' exhibition

Part of the ‘Inspired’ exhibit is “Congregamini” a work in oil pastel, chalk pastel, colored pencil, and marker by Madeline Sumpter of Academies at Jonesboro High.

JONESBORO — Despite unique challenges, Bradbury Art Museum (BAM) and regional high schools worked together to produce the sixth annual “Inspired” exhibition.

Doors will open at noon Thursday, Dec. 3, at Bradbury Art Museum, which is in Fowler Center, 201 Olympic Drive, at Arkansas State University.

Admission to the museum is free. The exhibition continues through Dec. 18. There will be no opening reception in accordance with health and safety precautions.

“Inspired” is an annual high school art exhibition held at Bradbury Art Museum. Each fall, local high school students are invited to participate in an interactive tour. Students then create artwork and write artist statements which are influenced by the works on view at that time. A juror then makes selections to be exhibited within “Inspired.”

All works within Inspired 2020 were created in response to the previous exhibition, “Radius I.” Since many schools were unable to physically visit the museum this year, the program transitioned to a mostly digital process. Schools were offered virtual tours as well as digital access to “Radius I” via BAM’s website.

Haley Voges, education coordinator for the museum said, “With so many student events being canceled, it was our priority to ensure the continuance of the Inspired program if at all possible. Schools were happy to hear this opportunity wasn’t lost, and we were (as always) impressed with the participation and caliber of the work despite circumstances.”

The juror for “Inspired” 2020 is Deidre Argyle. Argyle’s installation “Anchored in Turbid Clarity” was shown in “Radius I” and will stay on view in Kays Gallery at BAM through the duration of “Inspired.” Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

In a juror’s statement, Argyle said, “It is clear that all the entrants were passionate about their work. As an assistant professor of sculpture at Missouri State University, I was very impressed by the artwork produced by the young artists who submitted to this call for entry.”

Scholarships and purchase awards will be noted on the tags of winning artworks. Included in the exhibition are 45 students from seven local schools:

Brookland High School

Sarah Hooker, 12th grade

Bay High School

Rodney Rodgers, 12th grade

Haley Reed, 12th grade

Madison Brand, 11th grade

Cassidy Powers, 11th grade

Nathan Campbell, 12th grade

Abigail Armstrong, 12th grade

Valley View High School

Jegs Antonio, 10th grade

Emily Kaut, 11th grade

Cassidy Burris, 12th grade

Quinn Patterson, 12th grade

Jayme Melescue, 12th grade

Reese Owens, 12th grade

Harrisburg High School

Emily Holland, 11th grade

Jadyn Hesse, 12th grade

Marcy Wallace, 12th grade

Leslie Whitman, 12th grade

Jade Fahr, 12th grade

Carol Coronado, 12th grade

Molly Bates, 11th grade

Layla McClenny, 12th grade

Leslie Ortiz, 12th grade

Eli Williams, 11th grade

Sadie Mooney, 9th grade

Julie Miller, 11th grade

Sadey Bowen, 10th grade

Nala Wallace, 11th grade

Marmaduke High School

Kade Langdon, 9th grade

Laci Sauer, 9th grade

Nettleton High School

Cecilia Freeman, 12th grade

Alexia Krauss, 12th grade

Academies at Jonesboro High School

Graysen Jones, 12th grade

Madison Grubb, 12th grade

Emrie Nelson, 12th grade

Sydney Green, 12th grade

Nate Light, 12th grade

Josh Hyneman, 11th grade

Elizabeth Richardson, 12th grade

Rhegan Vanhoozer, 12th grade

Dawson Wagner, 12th grade

Braden Hafner, 12th grade

Brian Holmes, 11th grade

Kymya Rowe, 11th grade

Serenity Jefferson, 10th grade

Madeline Sumpter, 11th grade

Hours of operation for this exhibition are Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. For additional information about the exhibition, visit or contact the museum at (870) 972-3765.

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