Paragould's city council has adopted an ordinance to rezone some property, tabled another, and attached liens to yet other properties at Monday's meeting.

After property owners Don and John Purcell made changes in their request to rezone 27.86 acres of their land in the 1700-1900 block of Highway 49 North, the council rezoned much -- but not all of it -- from Commercial C-3 to Residential R-2.

As enacted, the rezoning changes the area north of a line 400 feet north of the north right-of-way line of U.S. Highway 49 as noted. The balance remains C-3; attorney Roger Colbert, representing the Purcells, said the C-3 area along the highway is to serve as a buffer zone. "It's about 14-141/2 acres," said Don Purcell in response to a question from Ward 2 position 1 council member Jeremy Biggs as to the actual size of the R-2-zoned area.

In addition, no mobile homes are to be permitted in any of the property.

At its Nov. 25 meeting, the council had passed the original ordinance to rezone the property from Commercial C-3 to Residential R-2 and R-3. Since the vote was 5-2 in favor, it remained on the first of three required readings. A motion to suspend the rules and place the ordinance on subsequent readings requires a two-thirds vote (six votes) in favor on a given reading.

However, although it was due for its second reading at the council's Dec. 9 meeting, Colbert said at that time that the Purcells had decided to rework the rezoning to remove any R-3 areas. Opposition expressed at the Nov. 25 meeting centered around perceived decreases in property values of adjacent properties if apartments (permitted in R-3) were built.

As rewritten, the ordinance passed 7-0.

Another ordinance, to rezone three properties at 1704, 1706 and 1708 W. Kingshighway from Office-Professional to Commercial C-1 was tabled at the request of attorney Brad Broadaway, representing property owners Sherma Dicus, Olan Haynes and Gary Leon Winn. The ordinance, which passed its first reading 6-1 at the Dec. 9 meeting, received no further consideration at the meeting. "Let's wait until January to think about it," said Ward 2 position 1 council member Josh Agee, who had cast the "no" vote. "It's been our process over the years," added Ward 1 position 1 council member Mark Rowland who had abstained, "that when we have something highly controversial to let it percolate."

The ordinance will be on the agenda of the Jan. 27 meeting.

The council also attached liens to several properties to cover the city's cost to clean up those properties. The properties, last known owners and lien amounts are:

• 309 N. 12th Ave., owned by Linda Fann, for $2,735

• 315 Oliver St., owned by Larry Thorne, for $3,225

• 407 N. 11th Ave., owned by Frances Trayler Revocable Trust, for $4,225

• 507 E. Walnut St., owned by Sand-Gram Enterprises, for $4,225

• 1232 S. Sixth St., owned by W.D. and Lourene Boyd, $4,075

• 616 E. Poplar St., owned by Louise Banks, for $4,725

• 2109 S. Fourth Ave., owned by Louie Rogers, for $230.57

A tax lien ensures that the city of Paragould gets first claim over other creditors vying for the property with the lien. It also prevents the delinquent taxpayer from selling or refinancing the assets to which liens have been attached.

To get rid of a lien, the delinquent taxpayer must pay what is owed, get the debt dismissed in bankruptcy court, or reach an offer in compromise with the city.

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