Anna Isabelle Meurer crowned Miss NEA

The new Miss NEA is Anna Isabelle Meurer, daughter of Brad and Traci Meurer, of Lake City. Anna is a senior at Riverside High School.

The annual Miss NEA school pageant was recently hosted on the campus of Buffalo Island Central on April 15-17.

The host school is determined by the Senior High division winner from the previous year. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Miss NEA pageant was cancelled.

Morgan James, the winner of the Miss NEA pageant 2019, crowned the new 2021 Miss NEA winner, Anna Isabelle Meurer on April 17. Anna is the 17-year-old daughter of Brad and Traci Meurer of Lake City. Anna is a senior at Riverside High School where she will graduate with honors. Anna has been very active in various clubs and organizations while attending Riverside and also is a member of the Lady Rebels basketball team and a cheerleader.

The Miss NEA pageant dates back to 1980 when high schools in the Northeast Arkansas area joined together to allow their top 5 school pageant finalists compete in this second pageant. The Miss NEA pageant took the place of the Miss Buffalo Island Pageant.

Anna was crowned Miss Riverside in 2019, which qualified her to compete in this year’s Miss NEA pageant. This is Anna’s third win while competing in the Miss NEA pageant and being a student of the Riverside school district. Her previous two Miss NEA wins were while she was in kindergarten and in the sixth grade. Winning Miss NEA 2021 will allow Riverside High School to be the host of Miss NEA 2022.

When asked about winning Miss NEA 2021, Anna said: “This pageant has always been the event I look forward to during my school year. This is the title every girl wants to win while in school. The competition is tough, which makes winning even more special. I always said I wanted to win during my senior year. I am so excited to be crowned this year’s Miss NEA winner.”

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