WASHINGTON — The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works is conducting a 60-day public comment period through August 2, to gather public comments on the definition of the term “economically disadvantaged community” and other terms listed in the Federal Register Notice that can be found at www.federalregister.gov/d/2022-11881. Section 160 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2020 directs the Secretary to define the term ‘‘economically disadvantaged community’’ for the purposes of the Act and the amendments made by the Act.

The definition of “economically disadvantaged community” in this document would apply to all provisions in WRDA 2020 using this term. Comments received by the deadline for this public notice and the above referenced Federal Register notice will be reviewed and considered as they develop the final definitions. Comments may be submitted as described in the Federal Register Notice that can be found at www.federalregister.gov /d/2022-11881.

Also in the Federal Register Notice found at www.federalregister.gov /d/2022-11881, the Army seeks input on whether there are additional measures that the Army should include related to environmental justice, as well as specific to the Justice40 Initiative. In particular, the Army seeks input as to whether there are areas to be updated in the Interim Guidance for consideration in a final environmental justice guidance. In addition, they seek input as to whether there are specific considerations regarding the Planning Assistance to States program, the Floodplain Management Services program, and the Continuing Authorities Program which could better achieve environmental justice and equity. Input is requested on ways to improve how these Corps programs advance environmental justice and equity, and on any current barriers to achieving these objectives. Input also is requested on recommendations for how the Army can best ensure that the assistance that it provides under these programs will directly benefit and advance environmental justice and equity.

The Army will hold 11 virtual meetings in total, including one virtual meeting to provide an overview for the public and Tribes of all of the policy priority initiatives to help inform their comments, followed by a series of 10 virtual meetings to gather comments. Find full details on all scheduled meetings at www.federalregister.gov /d/2022-11881.

All questions regarding the Federal Register Notice should be directed to points of contacts listed in the notice.

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