After closing down for a week, the Greene County Senior B.E.E.S. is back in business – to a degree, anyway.

“We have resumed serving Home-Delivered Meals as of today,” said B.E.E.S. Executive Director Carol Fleszar on Monday, “and today starting at 11:30 a.m. we are serving hot meals to those who come by in their vehicles.”

Fleszar added the meal for Monday included barbecue on a bun, tater tots, green peas, ambrosia salad and milk. She said the meals will be served from 11:30 a.m. to noon or while supplies last. “We served 14 today,” Fleszar said, noting there had been food enough for 30 meals.

She said the serving of the meals was intended to accommodate those who usually come to the Senior Center, at 121 N. 12th St., for the lunch meal, that had done without owing to the closure of the center in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She added a suggested contribution for the meal is $3.

Fleszar also said Home-Delivered Meals also brought 74 meals to those unable to get out.

Anyone seeking added information should call the B.E.E.S. at (870) 239-4093, e-mail at beessenior or visit its Facebook page.

The B.E.E.S. provides programs and activities for the seniors of Paragould and Greene County. Fleszar said membership in the B.E.E.S. is open to any county resident at least 60 years of age. There are no membership dues, but the signing up of new members will not take place until the Senior Center is fully open for business.

“B.E.E.S.” stands for “Busily Enjoying Everyday Seniors.”

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