The Greene County Board of Equalization will convene for an organizational meeting on Monday, Aug. 3.

Greene County Clerk Phyllis Rhynes said the board provides a means of appeal for property owners who believe their tax assessments are incorrect.

“Its purpose is to ensure county property assessment practices are equal and uniform,” she said.

Therefore, Rhynes said, after the board has its organizational meeting, property owners who wish to appeal their tax assessments are to make appointments with the board by contacting the county clerk’s office at (870) 239-6311. “We are in room 102 in the county courthouse,” she said, “or you can e-mail us at county”

Rhynes said the deadline to make an appointment to meet with the board is Aug. 17. “They need to make an appointment by then,” she said. The board will meet to consider property owners’ cases until Oct. 1.

The meetings will be in a location in the courthouse which will be announced at a later date. “Just come to our office first,” Rhynes said, “and we’ll direct you to the right place.”

The board consists of five individuals, of which the Quorum Court appoints two, the county judge appoints one, the three public school districts as a whole appoint one, and the cities and municipalities as a whole appoint one. Current membership, Rhynes said, includes Ronnie Roberts, appointed by the school boards; Kasey Reagans, appointed by cities and incorporated towns; Roseann Livingston and Jason Gazaway, appointed by the Quorum Court; and Mitzi Hicks, appointed by County Judge Rusty McMillon.

Gazaway, appointed at the July 20 meeting of the Quorum Court, succeeds Don Hardin, whose term expired last month.

The board members serve three-year staggered terms of office, with each expiring term to expire on the first Monday of June of each year, or until a successor is selected or appointed and qualified.

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