BRTC’s Firefighter Essentials students practice life-saving techniques

BRTC Firefighter Essentials students train in how to find and rescue people from burning buildings.

During recent hands-on training sessions, Black River Technical College’s Firefighter Essentials students have been practicing specialized life-saving techniques.

Firefighter students have been learning how to search burning buildings for survivors, how to ventilate buildings that are full of smoke and other toxic gases, how to lay a water supply line to extinguish a building fire, and how to properly return the hose to the fire truck.

Instructor Alan Haskins stated: “This week students learned how to systematically search a building for victims. Students were trained to work in teams of two to rescue victims and render aid to other firefighters who have become trapped or have run out of oxygen in their air packs.”

He adds that all of the students performed “exceptionally well, considering this week was the first time some of them had used an air pack or practiced skills while wearing firefighting turn-outs.”

For more information about BRTC’s Firefighter Essential Program, visit -programs/fire-training, or contact by phone at (870) 248-4000 ext. 4129 or by email at

Black River Technical College is a two-year community college in Pocahontas and Paragould, which offers associates degrees and certificates in general education and technical and career education.

The College houses one of the state’s law enforcement training academies and fire science academies.

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