BRTC’s Gunsmithing Program welcomes guest speakers

Jared Bassham, Law Enforcement Instructor is pictured with Gunsmithing Students at BRTC.

POCAHONTAS — On October 29, students in Black River Technical College’s Gunsmithing Program worked with faculty from BRTC’s Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA) to learn about the history and technical aspects of the Remington 870 Police pump shotgun.

During the class, students learned about the unique role of pump shotguns and about the differences in law enforcement and commercial shotguns. Gunsmithing students also learned about proper disassembly, inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly.

This gunsmithing lecture and training occurred at the end of the BRTC Law Enforcement Training Academy shotgun training, so gunsmithing students cleaned the police shotguns, which had been fired earlier in the week in rainy conditions. “This collaborative effort benefitted both the gunsmithing students and LETA,” stated Jared Bassham, Law Enforcement Instructor.

On November 2, Gunsmithing Program students, along with instructors David Statler and Gary Meier, hosted the Pocahontas Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

The VFW brought World War II-era M1 Garands that are used for ceremonial purposes. The students disassembled, inspected, cleaned, lubed, and reassembled the rifles for the VFW to continue to use for veteran funerals.

Jared Bassham added, “This was a good experience for the students and the VFW. BRTC is proud to work with local veterans’ organizations.”

For more information about the Gunsmithing Program, contact Phillip Dickson, Dean of Business & Technical Education, at (870) 248-4125 or or visit -programs/gunsmithing.

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