Aaron Camp and Cory Wilkins are both running for the Paragould City Council Ward 2 Position 2 seat. The election is Tuesday, November 3. Early voting begins on Monday, October 19.

The Daily Press asked candidates to respond to the following questions by email along with this statement: “We are asking that candidates try to limit their answers for each question to about 250 words at the most:”

PDP: Why do you want to serve on the Paragould City Council?

Aaron Camp: I love the city of Paragould, and I believe in the city of Paragould. I have wanted to run for city council for several years, but I was incredibly happy with the representation for my ward. After I learned Josh Agee was running for mayor, and therefore would not be seeking re-election for his seat, I decided there would never be a better time for me to run.

Cory Wilkins: I would like to see Paragould cleaned up and promoted for new businesses and residents

PDP: How are you qualified to serve on the council?

Cory Wilkins: I am a caring citizen that also manages a business and oversees day-to-day operations.

Aaron Camp: I have several years’ experience in management with a technology company, which has provided me the opportunity to work with numerous government entities on many different levels. I also was appointed by Governor Hutchinson to serve out a fractured term on the Greene County Quorum Court back in 2017. Moreover, I feel I am qualified to serve the constituents of Ward 2 because I am extremely empathetic and always willing to listen to anyone who has a concern. This is what the city councilman’s job is after all, being an advocate for all the residents of their ward.

PDP: What are the most important issues your ward needs to face first if you are elected?

Aaron Camp: I don’t know that I could say any one issue is more important than the others, but I will say the one issue I would consider the most pressing would be the issue of trash (namely furniture and large unwanted items) being left for far too long on the curbs of our beautiful city. The current process is arduous and needs to be changed. If elected, this issue will be the first I will attempt to repair.

Cory Wilkins: I would like to see areas cleaned up and city ordinances enforced.

PDP: What citywide issues or projects do you see needing to be dealt with by the council?

Cory Wilkins: The Entertainment District and sidewalks are the two major issues I have heard from residents.

Aaron Camp: As I previously stated, I love the city of Paragould. I am a member of the Greene County Future Fund, and I love that the 8 mile trail is in the near future of our city. This will be an amazing addition to Paragould, providing a safe walking/running/biking area for our citizens. I also would love to see our city provide more for the youth and young adults, meaning implementing improvements and additions to our already excellent parks and recreations department, while at the same time attempting to attract new and exciting businesses to the city.

PDP: Please tell us about yourself (family, employment, etc.)

Aaron Camp: I am a life-long resident of Paragould. I graduated with honors from Greene County Tech in 1998. My parents and most of my extended family still live right here in Paragould. I work for a company called AAA Business Systems. We sell and service Sharp, Ricoh, and Brother brand copiers, printers, and scanners. Above that, we are a true “technology company” and have a myriad of products that we offer to that affect … everything from software solutions to smartboards/high-end monitors, all the way down to mail machines and fax solutions.

Cory Wilkins: I am married to Lynlee Wilkins, we have a 6-year-old son Greydon Wilkins. I work at Wilkins Electric, LLC. I was born and raised in Paragould, Arkansas.

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