Anticipated icy weather today have had both city and county officials preparing for the worst.

According to city of Paragould Deputy Director of Public Works Wayne Ellenburg, the Street Department has been readying both the streets and its own equipment to prepare for a forecast of one-fourth to one-half inch of ice.

“We’ve been out salting the streets since Monday,” he said, “and we are putting the [salt] spreaders on our trucks.”

Ellenburg said he did not anticipate a need for the salt spreaders as a result of today’s ice. “But we want to be ready,” he said. He also noted that sub-freezing high temperatures for the next several days could be expected to slow or halt any melting of ice accumulations.

Ellenburg noted that in addition to applying both rock salt and brine to city streets, the Street Department also makes its own brine for street application.

Ellenburg added that the department mixes rock salt with water to make the brine.

Greene County Road Department Office Manager Bobby Morten said the county was taking its own precautions against the weather.

“We normally don’t do a whole lot of pretreating,” he said Tuesday, “but we have got our plows ready and we have an abundance of salt-sand mixture in our spreaders.”

Morten added that the staff has been alerted to be on standby against the possibility the weather should hit.

“We are ready,” he said, “and if it gets here, we’ll be working through the night to get the roads in the best shape possible.”

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