Paragould’s city council focused on property issues this week.

It rezoned properties in accordance with requests from two sets of property owners, and attached liens to 10 properties to cover city cleanup costs.

The council passed an ordinance to rezone two adjacent tracts of land owned by Stan and Judy Foster, at 2200 Highway 412 Spur, on the north side of the eastern bypass. One tract, totaling 13.5 acres, was previously zoned Agriculture AG and the council rezoned it to Residential R-3, the most permissive residential classification. The adjacent easterly tract, of 30.57 acres, was rezoned to Commercial C-3, the most permissive commercial classification. The northernmost 200 feet of that tract, however, was rezoned Commercial C-1 (the most restrictive classification), as a buffer in response to concerns expressed at the Oct. 1 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission by owners of property adjacent to the tract.

According to the minutes of the meeting, the Fosters are seeking to sell the western tract for an apartment complex and to develop the eastern tract for a Wal-mart store with a gas station.

The council also passed an ordinance to rezone a 0.821-acre tract at 6108 Highway 412 W., owned by Jeffrey and Nathaniel Carter from Residential R-2 to Commercial C-3. According to the minutes of the Oct. 1 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the owners want to be able to sell it as commercial property. The tract is across the highway from the Bar-B-Q Barn.

The council also adopted a resolution to attach liens to a total of 10 properties to cover the city’s cost to clean them up. The properties, listed owners and nuisance abatements costs are:

532 W. Thompson St., owned by JAMM LLC, for $102.64

314 Howard St., owned by Jason Camp, for $99.11

123 S. 14th Ave., owned by Veria Joe Moore, for $80.41

713 S. Fifth Ave., owned by Robert and Shella Booth, for $66.09

603 N. Pruett St., owned by Katie Liddell and Caleb Liddell, for $73.36

316 N. Fifth St., owned by Denzil Howard, for $81.04

600 N. Fourth St., owned by Rick Gentle and Germaine Williams, for $99.11

315 N. Sixth St., owned by Louie Rogers, for $74.41

726 N. Pruett St., owned by Antonio and Meshelle Lindsey, for $80.41

200 S. 14th Ave., owned by Michele Greenway, for $80.41

A tax lien ensures that the city of Paragould gets first claim over other creditors vying for the property with the lien. It also prevents the delinquent taxpayer from selling or refinancing the assets to which liens have been attached.

To satisfy a tax lien, the delinquent taxpayer must pay what is owed, get the debt dismissed in bankruptcy court, or reach an offer in compromise with the city.

Both ordinances and the resolution passed by 8-0 votes.

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