Problems were absent in the Nov. 3 general election in Greene County.

That was despite a very high voter turnout – almost 72 percent – and Greene County Clerk Phyllis Rhynes was quick to attribute the smoothness of the election to those who worked it.

“I want to give special thanks to election coordinator Kristi Rawls who worked many hours,” she told the Nov. 16 meeting of the Greene County Quorum Court, “to the staff in the county clerk’s office, who worked many hours to process and record absentee ballots. And that’s on top of their regular duties.”

Rhynes noted that there was a 400 percent increase in the number of absentee ballots this election compared to the last presidential election.

In addition, as previously reported, there were 12,338 early votes cast 76.6 percent of the 16,106 votes in total.

Rhynes also expressed her thanks to the election commission, and to the Secretary of State’s office, for their activities that contributed to the smoothness of the election.

“And I want to give a big shout-out to the poll workers,” she said. “I appreciate them and Greene County is blessed with people like these. Thank you and God bless.”

According to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s website, Greene County had a 71.96 percent turnout. Statewide, voter turnout was 66.87 percent.

By comparison, voter turnout in Greene County for the last four presidential elections was:

63.1 percent in 2016

71.01 percent in 2012

62.29 percent in 2008

61.55 percent in 2004

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