In an effort to further reduce the chances of spreading the coronavirus, Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon has enacted added restrictions for the Greene County Courthouse.

“We are gathering supplies,” he said Wednesday, “and we will be restricting public access to the courthouse to a single set of double doors at the front.”

He added that those coming into the courthouse should expect to have their temperatures taken.

The restriction went into effect Wednesday at noon. “It’s to be a precaution,” McMillon said. “These are some of the procedures other county judges have put into effect, out of concern for the health of the general public.”

McMillon said the courthouse was collecting supplies, including masks, gloves, thermometers and hand sanitizer to help keep the spread of the disease down.

“The Arkansas Department of Corrections had supplies,” he said, “and we have ordered eight gallons of hand sanitizer and 12 wall dispensers from them.”

McMillon said the dispensers would be installed when they became available.

McMillon also discouraged unnecessary visits to the courthouse.

“If you don’t have to go out,” he said, “don’t go out.”

The judge also said as much business as could be conducted by telephone or online should be so conducted. The county’s website is A call to the County Judge’s office at (870) 239-6300 produces a menu of most county offices to which the caller may connect.

The phone number for the:

County Judge’s office, or the Office of Emergency Management, is 239-6300 ext. 8

County Assessor’s office is 239-6303

County Treasurer’s office is 239-6304

County Collector’s office is 239-6305

County clerk’s office is 239-6311

Circuit Court Clerk’s office is 239-6330

District Court Clerk’s office is 239-7507

Circuit Court Case Coordinator’s office is 239-9598

County Extension Service office is 236-6921

County Library is 236-8711

Hot Check Division of the county deputy prosecutor’s office is 239-2730

McMillon concluded by saying that the above guidance was subject to change with changing conditions.

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