Christmas is coming to downtown Paragould, thanks to the Paragould Advertising and Promotion Commission and Main Street Paragould.

At Thursday evening’s meeting, the commission approved $18,400 out of $21,212 requested by Main Street Paragould for its Enchanting Nights and Glittering Lights event.

“Because of COVID,” said Main Street Paragould Executive Director Gina Jarrett, “we have had to reinvent everything. We can no longer invite thousands of people to the downtown area.”

Therefore, she said, a Christmas parade appears impractical as things stand currently. On the other hand, Main Street Paragould seeks to decorate the downtown area. As detailed in Jarrett’s application, Main Street Paragould is looking to buy decorative lights for each of the 29 lampposts in the downtown area, rewire the decorative garlands already available, and purchase 30 three-foot decorative snowflakes.

“We have the garlands already,” Jarrett said, “but the wiring is shot, so they’ll need to be rewired.”

Main Street Paragould also seeks lights for a 22-foot tall Christmas Tree donated by Wal-Mart Super Center, to be displayed in Centennial Park.

The application also calls for the hiring of two horse-and-carriage rigs for visitors to ride around the downtown area, free of charge. Jarrett said the carriage rides would take place on Dec. 3, 10 and 17. Santa Claus is also to be in the downtown area.

The Commission is funding 79 percent of the event. Jarrett expressed confidence she could obtain the remaining funds.

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