Construction work continues on Greene County roads

Work has been done on Bard Road in the Morning Star area of Greene County. The area is one of several roads in Greene County to receive paving or overlay work in recent weeks.

As the weather has gotten better in recent days, road crews have been busy on projects in Greene County.

Crews recently completed work on Greene Road 514 in and around the New Friendship Church area. Work began on the project several years ago with some overlays being done, with more being done recently.

Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon said the project is part of a state aid program that helps counties with projects that have ties to state or federal highways.

The project has an estimated cost of around $488,000, with the county being responsible for 10 percent of the cost and the possibility of being reimbursed for some of the cost.

According to ArDOT, the State Aid Division helps administer the program to help with county road and bridge construction. In Fiscal Year 2021, there were 48 jobs on 215 miles and five bridges that were contracted out statewide for $29.6 million.

McMillon said Greene Road 514 is a heavily traveled road in a residential area of Greene County. It also connects the area to Oak Grove Heights.

Road paving was also done recently on Bard Road in the Morning Star area of Greene County.

As for road work, McMillon said the Greene County Quorum Court will earmark money for work like pavement patchwork to be done.

For every mile of work to be done, justices will appropriate $10,000 a mile to maintain. McMillon said the work on a road will typically last five to seven years but sometimes need spot work. The county will typically do about 10 miles a year for overlays and have done about 30 miles in the last few years, McMillon said.

As for future projects, McMillon said plans call for extending paving on Greene Road 932, using federal stimulus funding, with the project starting within the next month or so; and pave Greene Road 507, which connects to Greene 514, in the next two years.

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