Leaking roof shingles at the Senior BEES Center have driven a need to replace the shingles. A request for bids by the Department of Parks and Recreation has resulted in the city council approving the lowest bid for the work. As presented by Director of Parks and Recreation Pat Austin, the low bid was $42,600 from Lance Beasley Roofing.

“The shingles are 15 years old,” Austin said, “and [the leaks have] gotten really bad over the last two years.”

The replacement material is to consist of 26-gauge metal roofing with concealed fasteners to prevent leakage of rainwater. The roofing is guaranteed to last 40 years, and not to leak for 10 years.

The council also voted to attach liens to cover the cost of cleaning up eight properties deemed to be nuisances. As is customary in such cases, a tax lien ensures that the city of Paragould gets first claim over other creditors vying for the property with the lien. It also prevents the delinquent taxpayer from selling or refinancing the assets to which liens have been attached.

To satisfy a tax lien, the delinquent taxpayer must pay what is owed, get the debt dismissed in bankruptcy court, or reach an offer in compromise with the city.

The properties, by address, last known owner and lien amount, are:

1107 Royal St., owned by Kenneth Neil Ritter, for $92.04

822 Vance St., owned by Alice Maye Mote, for $101.05

1232 Highway 135 N., owned by Wells Fargo Bank, for $87.74

308 S. 10th Ave., owned by JAMM LLC, for $56.36

503 Walnut Drive, owned by Bonnie Yow, for $87.74

2601 Mocking Bird Lane, owned by Maria Hernandez, for $57.20

538 E. Lake St., owned by the heirs at law of Martha Laroe, for $59.48

904 S. Third Ave., owned by Greater Swiss, for $69.46

The council approved a request to construct a second residence on Shaela Drive, a private drive. The request, by Brian Poynor, required approval by the council since it was on a private drive. “It [the request] has gone through the Planning and Zoning Commission,” said city inspector Greg Trout in presenting Poynor’s request to the council, “PLWC, the city inspector’s office, and Emergency Services. Everybody says it’s good to go.”

Ward 1 position 1 council member Mark Rowland, chairing the meeting in the absence of Mayor Mike Gaskill, noted to the council that approval of such a request is not uncommon. The council approved Poynor’s request 6-0.

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