The city of Paragould wants property owners to clean up their property, and will do it if they don’t.

But there is a cost. Paragould’s city council voted this week to attach liens to a total of 10 properties to cover the city’s costs to clean them up. The property locations, owners and lien amounts are:

316 N. Fifth St., owned by Larry Howard, for $84.27

507 N. 11th St., owned by C&C Johnson Properties, Inc. for $69.37

309 W. Park St., owned by the heirs of Kathy Michaud, for $81.62

822 N. Vance St., owned by Alice Mote, for $71.77

818 W. Park St., owned by Maryland Enterprises, Inc., for $86.92

206 W. Baldwin St., owned by Billy and Betty Easley, for $93.87

500 E. Emerson St., owned by Herbert Gerald Bailey, for $69.37

508 N. Third St., owned by Caleb, Zachary and Katie Liddell, for $93.56

1107 Royal St., owned by the estate of Neil Kenneth Ritter, for $86.92

1108 Royal St., owned by the estate of Barone and Davis, for $86.92

A tax lien ensures that the city of Paragould gets first claim over other creditors vying for the property with the lien. It also prevents the delinquent taxpayer from selling or refinancing the assets to which liens have been attached.

To satisfy a tax lien, the delinquent taxpayer must pay what is owed, get the debt dismissed in bankruptcy court, or reach an offer in compromise with the city.

The council also voted to approve requests to rezone two properties to facilitate plans by their owners. It voted to amend the city zoning ordinance to rezone 1.38 acres of land at 3417 W. Kingshighway, owned by Barry and Judy Reddick, from Residential R-1 to Commercial C-1. “This is a tract where they reside,” said attorney Roger Colbert, “and there is a pending sale on this property to Arkansas Early Learning, Inc.” Colbert added the buyer plans to locate an Operation Head Start facility on the premises, and noted there was no opposition expressed at the July 9 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission which itself had voted unanimously to recommend in favor of the rezoning.

It also voted to amend the city zoning ordinance to rezone 3.39 acres of land in the 1400 block of Highway 49 North owned by Joel Helms from Agriculture to Commercial C-3.

There was likewise no opposition voiced at the Planning Commission meeting, which also recommended approval of the request.

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