All the figures are in for 2020, and Greene County has saved a good bit of money over initial appropriations for the year.

As presented to the Greene County Quorum Court’s Finance Committee before the regular Quorum Court meeting this week, the so-called “cleanup budget” showed a final appropriation saving of 3.87 percent over what was originally expected to be spent.

“We call this the ‘cleanup budget,’” explained Finance Committee chair and District 4 justice of the peace Jonathon Davis, “because by law, the actual spending must match the budgeted amount. So the original appropriations have to be amended so they do. And that’s the cleanup.”

Information he presented to the committee showed that overall appropriations for all funds for 2020, as originally forecast, came to $8,526,967.40. On the other hand, what the county actually spent (and therefore the required amount of the amended appropriations) totaled $7,937,652.61. The final appropriation was therefore $589,314.79 (3.87 percent) less than the original appropriation.

Davis noted the lowered final appropriations covered all county funds. “County general was $419,000 lower than the original appropriation,” he said.

The decrease, from $5,200,108.37 to $4,780,947.67, was 8.06 percent lower than originally forecast.

Similarly, the County Road Fund saw amended appropriations total $2,813,643.91 compared to $3,316,959.25. The total is a 15.2 percent reduction from the original appropriation.

Similarly, the other funds from which the county spends money saw final 2020 amended budgets that were lower than original appropriations as shown below:

Jail – 9.39 percent

Library – 5.68 percent

Other Funds in the Aggregate – 6.91 percent

“We appreciate the hard work of the county employees and the county managers,” Davis said in calling for a motion to recommend the cleanup budget to the full quorum Court. The motion passed the committee 4-0, while the full Court approved the budget 9-0. Justices Phillip Keeling of District 6 and Marc Reeves of District 9 were absent from the meeting.

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