Department recognizes officers in child abuse cases

The Paragould Police Department has recognized Arkansas State Police investigator Lesley Faulkner of the the Crimes Against Children Division and Detective Cpl. Jacob Higdon of the department’s Criminal Investigation Division for their exemplary work in a recently solved case of sex abuse involving seven children.

The Paragould Police Department has recognized two law enforcement officers for their outstanding work in recent cases of child abuse.

According to information made available by the department, it has recognized its own Detective Cpl. Jacob Higdon of the department’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division Investigator Lesley Faulkner for their work that resulted in the arrest of a suspect in the abuse of 8-year-old and 11-year-old children. The Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline had recently received information regarding suspected child abuse on the subject children, so Higdon and Faulkner were then assigned to the case.

Working together, the pair conducted numerous interviews and spent numerous hours in investigating this matter. Due to the efforts of both Higdon and Faulkner, CID was able to make arrests on the suspect for rape, sexual assault, and terroristic threatening on seven different minor victims. One of these cases stemmed from events in 2014.

The department expressed great pride in the efforts of both Higdon and Faulkner for their dedication to protecting the citizens, and especially the children of the children, in Paragould and the state of Arkansas.

“We are thankful that we have an outstanding working relationship with the Arkansas State Police’s Crimes Against Children Division,” said department Public Information Officer Brad Snyder. “Because of this relationship, we are able to work together to bring offenders to justice and closure to the families affected by these terrible events.”

Snyder said Paragould Police Chief Todd Stovall also submitted a letter of appreciation to Investigator Faulkner’s supervisor recognizing her outstanding work in this case.

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