A 911 call regarding an Oct. 13 home invasion on Highway 135 South has led to several felony charges against a Jonesboro man.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Quinton Joseph Lee Ray, 24, on charges of three counts of first-degree battery, a Class Y felony; and two counts of residential burglary, a Class B felony.

According to information made available by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Ray’s arrest proceeded from a 911 call at 1:38 a.m. regarding the home invasion, which reportedly took place as the suspect, identified as Ray, allegedly entered the home through the carport door.

The family being asleep at the time, Ray reportedly picked up a knife from the kitchen and went to the bedrooms, where an altercation ensued. During the altercation with the suspect, two children and the father received stab wounds from the knife: one child had injuries to the neck and arm, the other had an injury to the leg, and the father was stabbed in the face. However, the father was able to grab a rifle from his bedroom and fired five or six rounds at the suspect while Ray was allegedly running from the living room. Ambulance personnel took the father and the two children to Arkansas Methodist Medical Center.

While Sgt. Justin Jackson of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department was at the scene of the incident, another 911 call came in reporting another home invasion just north of his location. Jackson reportedly said that he could hear screaming coming from North of his location. So at that time, he diverted another deputy to the location just north of him from where the screams were coming. Jackson also asked for assistance from the Paragould Police Department.

When Emergency Medical Services personnel arrived, they told Jackson that they saw a naked man walking North down the highway. Deputies took the suspect, Ray, into custody and booked him into the Greene County Sheriff’s Department. The department’s Criminal Investigation Division arrived on the scene and the case is still under investigation.

Ray is currently being held without bond.

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