Eason Bros. selected as Farm Family of the Year

Shane (left) and Carlos Eason of Eason Farms with a restored 1980 John Deere 4440. “It was the last new tractor Dad [i.e. Junior Eason] bought,” said Carlos. The tractor’s restoration to full service was completed in February 2021. The Easons, as Eason Farms, near Lorado and Bono, are the 2021 Greene County Farm Family of the Year. Watch for more coverage of the family coming soon in The Daily Press.

The family of Carlos and nephew Shane Eason, as Eason Farms, is the Greene County Farm Family of the Year for 2021.

The Easons’ operation, near Lorado and Bono, raises irrigated rice on 1,500 acres, irrigated corn on 1,000 acres, irrigated soybeans on 1,200 acres and non-irrigated soybeans on another 300 acres. The Easons also grow winter wheat on 350 acres.

The farm owns 500 acres of land and rents another 3,500. It started under Junior Eason, the father of Carlos and Shane’s father Jimmy, who rented a small farm near Lake Frierson. As soon as Carlos graduated from high school, he and Jimmy started farming on 95 rented acres and never looked back.

In addition to farming, Shane is also a commodity broker and branch manager, as Pioneer Commodities, for Allendale Risk Management out of Chicago.

The Easons’ operation seeks to develop, grow, expand and improve every year. In addition to drainage and dirt moving projects every year, the farm has been building its equipment inventory to become more efficient at farming row rice.

The farming operation seeks to become increasingly environmentally friendly each year. It employs various techniques including cover crops, cleaning ditches, variable rate fertilizer, minimum tillage, variable rate pesticide, field ripping, duck flooding, and land leveling. In addition, the operation works with Arkansas State University in experiments involving pesticide effects on the bee population. It is also undertaking a large multi-year project with the University of Arkansas and University of California at Davis to examine carbon emissions on rice varieties. And it works with the Cooperative Extension Service and seed companies in many different test plot experiments.

The Eason family includes Carlos and MaryAnn, and their children:

Misti Lira, owner of Hope Counseling Associates, Inc and a mental health therapist

Anna Deangelo, echocardiographer at NEA Baptist and her husband, Trevor Deangelo, administrator at Greene Acres Nursing Home and a Rotary Club Member

Sarah Hartwig, a dietician at NHC in Kennett, Mo., and her husband, Caleb Hartwig, a farmer in Corning

The family also includes Shane Eason, his wife Andrea and one daughter, Reagan. Shane and Andrea are expecting another daughter shortly.

The family members are active in the community. Shane Eason is a guitarist for Paragould Central Baptist Campus. Carlos Eason is a musician for Mt. Zion Baptist Church, while MaryAnn Eason is a leading member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church and a former Human Resources Manager at Emerson Electric.

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