Legion, VFW donate to Greene Acres COVID wings

In front from left: Alan Garrison of VFW Post 2242 and his son Clayton Garrison bring in some of the 31 cases of Gatorade the VFW and American Legion Post 17 donated to Greene Acres Nursing Home for its two COVID wings. At rear from left are Kenny Wright of the Legion and VFW Post 2242 commander Darvin Weatherspoon.

They answered the call of their country in wartime. And now the local posts of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) have answered the call of their community during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

“We and the American Legion got together and donated $200 each to buy supplies for Greene Acres’ COVID wings,” said VFW Post 2242 commander Darvin Weatherspoon on Tuesday. He explained the need had been brought to the attention of both his post and that of American Legion Post 17.

“We got a call from the VFW post commander in Harrisburg, Nathan Palmer,” he said, “and he said his daughter works at Greene Acres on the 400 wing.”

Weatherspoon said the facility has two COVID wings, the 200 and the 400 wings, with a total of 56 patients, and that Palmer had said the facility was in dire need of foodstuffs for such patients. “They needed food that was going to be light on their stomachs,” Weatherspoon said, “and to replace their electrolytes.”

Accordingly, the two posts went to the Hays Food Store in Paragould Plaza and bought 212 boxes of Jello and 31 cases of Gatorade. “We got the call at 8:45,” Weatherspoon said, “and we got it done in – what – three and a-half hours!”

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