Ashley Williams, 29, of Paragould, faces a charge of battery in the first degree, a Class B felony.

On Sunday, Paragould police officers were dispatched to Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in reference to a stabbing victim with a severe laceration to the left, upper tricep.

According to the affidavit for arrest, officers located the potential defendant, Williams, and during a mirandized interview police say she admitted to having a physical altercation with the victim, and that a knife was involved. Her cash only bond was set at $10,000

On Saturday, Paragould police were dispatched to a residence in reference to an altercation involving a weapon. On arrival, the potential defendant, Deangelo Blackmon, 28, of Paragould, fled into the back door of a nearby apartment, and then immediately came back out with his hands up, according to the affidavit for arrest.

Police report that witnesses said Blackmon had been waving multiple pistols around and threatening the victim.

“Officers spoke to a female in the apartment Blackmon ran into and recovered three firearms,” the affidavit states.

Officers also were advised that Blackmon and the victim had a previous altercation and that the victim had gone to the hospital. The victim was said to have returned looking for his property when the other altercation occurred.

An additional investigation revealed that Blackmon is a convicted felon with previous charges of violence with weapons.

Blackmon faces a charge of aggravated assault, a Class D felony. His cash only bond was set at $10,000.

Marielle Brownlee, 24, was booked into the Greene County Detention Center on Thursday. He faces a charge of rape, a Class Y felony, after being arrested by Paragould police following an investigation referral from the Arkansas Department of Human Services regarding a 12-year-old female victim.

No address for Brownlee was provided on the affidavit for arrest.

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