In unrelated incidents, police officers have arrested two Paragould men on felony drug charges.

In the first incident officers arrested James Allen Dowdy, 35, on charges of one count each of weapons possession during controlled substance offenses, a Class Y felony; weapons possession by certain persons (i.e. a convicted felon), possession of less than two grams of a Schedule I/II controlled substance (other than methamphetamine or cocaine) and possession of drug paraphernalia to ingest, etc., all Class D felonies. Dowdy also faces several misdemeanor charges.

According to a probable cause affidavit sworn by Detective Cpl. Jason Boling of the department’s Street Crimes Unit (SCU), the arrest took place Sept. 5 as police Cpl. Joe Craft was patrolling in the area of North Fourth Avenue when he spotted Dowdy sitting in a vehicle. As he knew Dowdy had an arrest warrant from the city of Paragould, Craft made contact with Dowdy and informed him of the warrant. As the two were talking, Craft noticed that Dowdy was acting nervous. according to the affidavit. So he asked Dowdy if he had anything illegal on his person. Dowdy replied that he did not have anything on him but said that there was a hand gun in the center console. Upon learning that Dowdy was on active parole and had a search waiver on file, Craft conducted a search of the vehicle.

At that time he reportedly located a loaded .22 semi-automatic hand gun along with three syringes, and a glass pipe that was used to ingest methamphetamine. In the driver’s side floor board Craft also reportedly found a small black bag that contained three hydrocodone pills (a Schedule II narcotic), five green pills identified as Clonazepam (a Schedule IV narcotic), one orange colored pill identified as Xanax, and two small baggies of marijuana.

Dowdy was held in the Greene County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond.

In the second incident, officers arrested Justin Lee Jaco, 31, on a charge of one count of possession of between two and 10 grams of a Schedule I/II controlled substance (methamphetamine or cocaine), a Class C felony, as well as misdemeanor charges.

According to a probable cause affidavit sworn by Detective Lt. Scott Snyder of the SCU, the arrest occurred on Sept. 8 after officers had made a traffic stop on a vehicle Jaco was operating. During the course of the stop the officers became suspicious of criminal activity and requested consent to search the vehicle, which Jaco granted, the affidavit states. Although the officers found no drugs or other articles, a female passenger reportedly told them that there were drugs either in her purse or at her house. At that point the patrol officers notified SCU and Drug Task Force agents.

On their arrival they spoke with both parties who acknowledged that they did have drugs at their home and agreed to take the agents to their home to retrieve them.

Once they were to be patted, down, according to Snyder’s affidavit, Jaco suddenly became non-compliant and verbally abusive. The agents then took him into custody at which time he yelled “It’s in my pocket!” Agents then searched him, and in his left front pocket found a package containing 4.1 grams of methamphetamine, which they seized.

Throughout his search, according to Snyder, Jaco continued to be verbally abusive and profane. And as officers were transporting him to the Greene County Detention Center, he began to smash his head into the screen of the patrol car.

Jaco was held in the Greene County Detention Center on a $10,000 cash-only bond.

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