It’s back to square one on the proposed new Greene County employment policy ordinance.

According to Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon, the Greene County Quorum Court tabled the ordinance at its Dec. 21 meeting, which would have had its second of three required readings before being adopted.

McMillon said changes in the ordinance required it to be placed back on first reading. And that, he said, meant the ordinance could not become effective on Jan. 1 as specified in section 3.

The ordinance had been passed on the first of three required readings at the Nov. 16 meeting, but failed to receive the needed two-third vote (eight of 11) in favor to permit suspension of the rules to allow successive reading in the same meeting.

“The change was to take all the employees who are working 12-hour shifts,” McMillon said Monday, “and remove them from getting holiday pay. Instead, they would get a pay raise.”

McMillon explained the pay raise is meant to eliminate confusion as well as compensate such employees, chiefly in the Sheriff’s Department, for having to work holidays. In contrast, other employees either receive paid time off for the given holiday or receive holiday pay for working holidays.

McMillon said the ordinance would likely be resubmitted for Quorum Court consideration for its January 19 meeting. He also said the amount of the additional pay raise will be the subject of calculation and additional deliberation beforehand. He speculated the ordinance would become effective in April.

The Quorum Court also adopted the county, municipality and school tax millage rates on real and personal property for 2021. They are as follows (identical for both real and personal property:

County taxes

For the County General Fund, 3.60

For County Roads, 1.00

For the County Library, 1.00

School taxes

#41 Rector School District, 38.49

S-2 Marmaduke School District, 34.10

T-1 Greene County Tech School District, 37.49

S-1 Paragould School District, 37.62


Paragould City, 2.40

Paragould Fire, 0.40

Marmaduke City, 2.00

Marmaduke Fire, 0.30

Lafe City, 1.30

Oak Grove Heights City, 2.00

Delaplaine City, 1.40

McMillon said the millage rates are unchanged from the previous year.

The Quorum Court also said farewell to its three outgoing justices of the peace. Democrat Britt Camp of District 3, who chose not to run for re-election, departed after serving 14 years on the court. He will be succeeded by Republican Bill McCartney.

Republican Craig Brasher of District 5 elected not to run for re-election after a single term. He will be succeeded by Republican Michele Boling, who defeated Tommy Grooms and Coty Powers in the March primary election, and Democrat Barry Wilkins in the general election.

Republican Shawntae Thompson of District 8, defeated by Dean Wooldridge in the March primary election, leaves after a total of seven years (2-1/2 terms each in District 7 and one in District 8).

McCartney, Boling and Wooldridge take office in January.

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