STUTTGART — Danny Kennedy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Riceland Foods, has notified the board of directors of his retirement. Kennedy joined Riceland Foods in 2000 as the Chief Operating Officer and took over as CEO in 2007 with the retirement of Richard Bell.

“I would like to thank Danny for his service to Riceland and his many years of leading the management team to achieve better service and higher returns for our membership,” Chairman of the Board of Directors Roger Pohlner said.

The board plans to conduct a national search for Kennedy’s replacement, while also considering internal candidates for the position.

“I am very confident in the current leadership team and staff we have in place at Riceland Foods,” said Pohlner. “We have chosen Andrew Dallas to serve as Interim CEO effective immediately.”

Dallas is originally from McCrory, Arkansas where his family has been involved in agriculture for generations. He has served as Vice President and General Counsel for Riceland Foods since 2013. Prior to coming to Riceland, Dallas practiced law for 10 years in Jonesboro. He completed his B.S. at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas and received his J.D. from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 2003.

“I look forward to leading our team and working with the board during this transition period,” Dallas said. “Growing up in farm country I have seen the hard work and dedication our farmers put in every day. It is my honor to step into this leadership role and work for the membership of Riceland Foods.”

Dallas, his wife Cherry and son Clark live in Jonesboro.

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