A report of shots fired in the vicinity of a local elementary school led to the school’s brief lockdown Tuesday afternoon.

According to information made available by police Capt. Brad Snyder, department public information officer, the school resource officer at Baldwin Elementary School, 612 W. Mueller St. reportedly heard gunshots in the vicinity of the school at about 2:39 p.m.

The officer, police Cpl. James Cooper, immediately reported the information to dispatchers at the 911 Dispatch Center, which sent additional units to the area. Cooper also notified the building’s administration, which instituted a lockdown of the school as a precaution.

As added police officers arrived in the area, they determined the location of the gunfire to be about two blocks north of the school, and were not related to the school in any way. After a quick search and preliminary investigation, officers took one person into custody.

Snyder emphasized that at no point during the incident was anyone at the school district in harm’s way, nor were they in danger from the discharge of the weapon. In addition, he said, no one in the immediate area of the fired shots was in danger at any point.

“The school resource officer and the Paragould School District employees acted quickly to maintain the safety of the students and staff until the origin of the shots was determined,” he said, “and that it was safe to resume normal operations.”

Once patrol officers on the scene gave the all-clear, the school resumed dismissal for the day.

Snyder indicated the investigation is ongoing, and that therefore no added information is yet available. A probable cause affidavit, however, is anticipated in the near future. This is a developing story, therefore, and The Daily Press will publish updates as they become available.

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