Post 2242 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will host a “shotgun bowling” fundraiser at the post May 22.

Shotgun bowling? “Yes, it’s like regular bowling,” said post commander Darvin Weatherspoon, “except that instead of a bowling ball, we use shotgun shells with special loads.”

The special loads, he explained, are to prevent appreciable damage to the bowling pins.

Weatherspoon said the way Shotgun Bowling works is that each registrant gets to shoot rounds at the pins as though each shot were a bowling ball, pins knocked down being scored as in bowling.

Each participant gets to shoot three frames, he said.

Weatherspoon said the post has bought 1,600 rounds in various shotgun gauges against expected needs. However, the post will host a preregistration on May 1 from 8 a.m. to noon, Weatherspoon said, to get an accurate count of participants, ammunition in needed gauges, and a feel for how much food will be needed.

“The event starts May 22 at the post with registration at 8 a.m. and the first round will be fired at 9,” Weatherspoon said. Registration fee is $25 for the bowling, and the two shooters with the top scores will split half the money raised from registration fees. The remainder, Weatherspoon said, will go to the post.

“We’ll also have hamburgers, chips and drinks for $5 a meal,” he said, “and hot dogs. The money we raise from the food will all go to the post to cover those costs.”

The event is open to anyone at least 16 years of age. “But if you’re 16 or 17,” post quartermaster Alan Garrison said, “we’ll need a signed form from parents granting permission.”

Weatherspoon said the post will have the forms available May 1 at the preregistration.

The post is located at 4273 Highway 49 North.

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