A report of an unwanted person at a residence led to a violent confrontation with police and the person’s arrest. According to a probable cause affidavit sworn by Detective Sgt. Robert Sexton of the department’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID), police arrested Allison B. Sweaney, 24, of Paragould on charges of:

One count each of possession of between two and 10 grams of a Schedule I/II controlled substance and possession with purpose to deliver between four ounces and 25 pounds of a Schedule VI controlled substance, both Class C felonies

Two counts of terroristic threatening, a Class D felony

One count each of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of drug paraphernalia, each a Class D felony.

Plus misdemeanor charges

According to Sexton’s affidavit, the arrest took place on Aug 29 after officers arrived at a local residence, to find the unwanted person, a woman, had entered the residence but had departed before their arrival. A check of the area for the woman did not locate her, but officers were later called back due to the woman reportedly being in a shed behind the residence.

The officers attempted to contact the woman, later identified as Sweaney, having discovered she had entered the shed, reportedly by ripping out a window air-conditioning unit. Sweaney also allegedly threatened to kill two police officers while in possession of a bladed weapon (a hatchet).

She then retreated into the shed behind a locked door.

Negotiators attempted to contact Sweaney, but she reportedly did not respond. After officers gained access to the shed, they discovered she had climbed up into a crawl space. She then allegedly swung a fluorescent light bulb at the officers, shattering it.

Officers used pepper spray to gain her compliance. As she eventually complied, officers helped Sweaney down from the crawl space.

As they did so, the officers reportedly discovered two large clear vapor sealed bags containing a green leafy substance consistent in appearance with marijuana. Sweaney continued to struggle with the officers even after she was handcuffed according to the affidavit.

After she had been decontaminated at the incident scene, Sweaney reportedly spat on one of the officers escorting her to a patrol vehicle for transport to the Greene County Detention Center.

Officers also discovered a small plastic bag containing two needles and a small clear bag containing a white crystalline substance consistent in appearance with methamphetamine in the swimming pool between the residence and the shed, in the direction in which Sweaney had fled the residence.

Sweaney was held in the Detention Center on a $25,000 cash-only bond in connection with the incident. She also faces a charge of one count of breaking or entering in connection with an Aug. 26 incident. According to a probable cause affidavit sworn by Detective Cpl. Tron Beesley of CID, officers had responded to a report of someone breaking into cars and an employee shed at 1601 Highway 49B. At that time Sweaney was identified as a possible suspect. As police processed the crime scene, they reportedly discovered a hat along with pieces of a broken tail light. Witnesses said they saw Sweaney driving a white SUV and backing into a trailer, resulting in the broken tail light.

On Aug. 31, officers interviewed Sweaney at the police substation. At that time she reportedly told the officers the hat was hers and that she had stolen a book from inside the shed.

In addition to the $25,000 cash-only bond, Sweaney is being held on a $25,000 bond in any form in reference to the breaking or entering charge.

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