Enough with the comparisons of the current POTUS to the likes of FDR, Churchill, etc. While the current POTUS is the leader of the USA, that is absolutely where any comparable must end. In times of crisis, FDR and Churchill possessed the ability to level with the population in a forthright manner, instill confidence and that translated into a general public reflecting the intestinal fortitude to handle the truth and proceed, accordingly. FDR and Churchill also led by example and understood that they, at the pinnacle of trust, were the barometer upon which a nation was gauged and would move forward. They were marvelous leaders. Presently, those traits aren’t evident in the POTUS. Heck, even George W. Bush was able to level with the American public in a time of great crisis — and, the public reaction was a steely resolve and ability to understand the many challenges that were ahead when addressing and responding to the 9/11 tragedy. Currently, the POTUS with his constant bending of the truth, self-aggrandizement and bluster is generally treating the population as if it’s too dim-witted to handle events of huge import and proceed in its own sensible manner — instead, expecting everyone to follow his direction with blind faith. One is left to trust his version of “the truth” which, as we now know, has led to deadly consequences. His uncaring, completely irresponsible and tone-deaf response to the deadly consequences: “it is what it is!” Now that’s leadership. One can never fathom a response such as that emanating from an FDR or Churchill when addressing deadly loss amongst their populace.

There have also been other historical comparisons meant to promote the POTUS’s current standing. However, in a certain instance, selective historical context appears to be completely disregarded to fit a desired narrative. Per Rush Limbaugh, the POTUS is portrayed as “the General Patton” in the eyes of his loyal followers. Apparently, this comparison is predicated upon General Patton “thumbing his nose” at normal protocol and gallantly leading his troops into battle. That, Patton did and the POTUS does also “thumb his those” to protocol — but, he has, in a most ungallant manner, led his troops (aka the population) to Covid slaughter. More correctly, and this is where General Patton resembles the POTUS and where the historical context is conveniently forgotten — General Patton verbally and physically attacked line soldiers in field hospitals no less than two times in Europe. Verbally and physically attacked line soldiers for their perceived weakness, in his eyes only!! The consequences for General Patton for these abhorrent actions generally wrecked a career. So, yes the current POTUS resembles General Patton — but, only in regard to his verbally attacking military personnel. This self-defined “war-footing” POTUS has shown his true colors by denigrating active, honorably discharged, and even deceased military personnel via verbal and Twitter buffoonery on numerous occasions. Thus, yes there is a comparison of the POTUS to General Patton — however, it should be understood by the general public, considered appalling and the facts not conveniently — lost. There is also a glaring difference between WWII and today. At least back then, folks in charge possessed the “stones” to control General Patton — today, that’s non-existent as it relates to any number of actions undertaken by the POTUS.

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