Our Pastor preached on the book of Esther last Sunday. If you would like to hear it, go to Oak Grove Heights Baptist Church on Facebook. There are several of his messages on there. Some on Revelation, too. My point is what he brought out that we were safe for such a time as this. The church has got to rise up and speak up against the evil things that’s happening in our country. Just because it hasn’t affected you right now, it’s coming. I’m shocked about some things that’s happening in Arkansas that goes against the word of God, I had prayed would never come to Arkansas. What’s wrong with the Christians that don’t stand up against evil? Satan has deceived our leaders and lots of people to believe in Socialism, that’s pure Communism.

Socialism has been a failure in every country where it has been tried. Don’t fall for the same dishonest claims of the Socialist currently controlling the Democratic party. I used to be a Democrat, but they have changed so much that they go against everything the Bible (the word of God) stands for. I just can’t support them anymore. There’s also flaws in the Republican party. They didn’t stand up for the people when they controlled the House and Senate. But our administration now is trying to take our freedom away from us and already has some. They took the Bible out of our schools first, and prayer, and now in some states they’ve closed the churches, controlled the schools and are trying to take away the parent’s right to raise their children. Some Governors won’t let the parents have a say on what is being taught in our schools to our children. Whatever happened to parent — teacher’s meetings?

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