If you have not read Mark Twain’s short essay "Corn-Pone Opinions," it would behoove you to do so; that is, IF you are or want to be an intelligent, thinking human being. What Twain says was true in 1901 and is even more relevant today. People, in general, tend to form their opinions from the opinions of those around them, those who influence them (for good or bad), and those whose opinions they respect (whether they deserve that respect or not).

However, today’s world is much different from that of 1901 for a number of reasons. First, the population is much more academically educated than it was when he was alive. Public education has seen to that, in spite of the shortcomings of some of the schools, some of the teachers, and, certainly, some of the administrators. On the whole, however, public education is exceptional in the United States. How it compares with other countries is debatable because other systems operate much differently from ours. Whether they are better or not, whether other populations have the same opportunities to an education as ours do, or whether the political influences shape that education are all points of debate.

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