You’ll find letters to Santa Claus from Paragould and Greene County Tech students in this edition of The Daily Press.

We are so thankful to these school districts, and the teachers who allowed us to share them with our readers.

You can learn a lot from letters to Santa, and Santa learns a lot, too. There’s always the chance he may see a letter published here that didn’t make it to the North Pole for some reason.

There are many examples of kids asking Santa not to forget to bring a gift for someone else this year. It might be for one of their friends, a family member, or a pet. One pre-schooler asked Santa for two motorcycles, then clarified that one of them would be for his dad.

From these letters we learn that Santa is well fed on Christmas Eve. So is his team. Several children said they will be leaving him cookies and milk, or chicken nuggets, or candy, as well as carrots, oats and other goodies for his reindeer.

It’s evident these children are all good, and some of them acknowledge that it can be a struggle at times, like the first-grader who wrote: “I have been as good as I can.” Or, the one who wrote: “I have tried really hard to be a good girl…” and, “I promise this year I won’t set a trap for you. This year I will leave extra milk and cookies out for you.”

We hope these little ones understand that not all wishes can be fulfilled because sometimes what we want just isn’t practical, or it might even be a little too dangerous for us at the present time. For instance, one 4-year-old boy asked Santa for a toy bear, a toy coffee cup, a toy snake, toy cars, legos, and “A big tank that I can drive with real bullets.”

And we get a sense of worry from these young people, too.

“I hope you have stayed healthy and the COVID-19 did not get you,” one 5-year-old wrote.

A little girl, the same age, asked Santa for a Barbie house, a real swimming pool, and, “A Pit Bulldog to protect me from kidnappers.”

And a 6-year-old boy wrote this:

Dear Santa,

2020 is not our year. As we all know there’s so much going on, the Corona Virus is spreading, many people are dying and other terrible things that happen. Christmas is ahead of us and I want us to spend it with happiness only. I want us to end this year with happy memories. So, Santa, I want to have a remote control airplane.

Gosh, I sure hope Santa sees his letter.

Steve Gillespie is editor of The Daily Press. Email him at

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