The act of treason is often committed by someone least suspected of being capable of it, but the act is just as devastating. During the American Revolution, Benedict Arnold, once a decorated and respected officer, betrayed the American effort. In World War II, radio propagandists such as Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose would mock American troops with their messages to break their will or incite them to desert. During the Korean War, there was Seoul City Sue, a propagandist whose Arkansas roots made her acts even more shocking.

Seoul City Sue was born Anna Wallis to a farm family in Lawrence County in 1900. She was the last of six children. Her mother died a few years after she was born, and her father spent the next few years raising her and her siblings until his own death in 1914. As she and one other sister were still minors, they were brought to Oklahoma to live with an older sister.

Dr. Ken Bridges is a Professor of History at South Arkansas Community College in El Dorado. He has written seven books and his columns appear in more than 85 papers in two states. Dr. Bridges can be contacted by email at

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