Alex Cupp named soccer All-American

Alex Cupp, just-graduated Greene County Tech High School senior, has been named to the United Soccer Coaches High School Scholar All-American Team and to the Class 5A All-State soccer team.

Just-graduated Greene County Tech High School senior Alex Cupp was having what she said was a good day at work when she got a call from her soccer coach Skyler King.

“He asked me how my day was going,” Cupp said Thursday. “And I told him and he said: ‘well, I’m about to make your day better.’”

That’s when he told Cupp she had been named to the United Soccer Coaches High School Scholar All-American Team. “I couldn’t believe it,” Cupp said, “and I started crying.”

In truth, she said, becoming an All-American had been on Cupp’s mind and was a goal, as was being named to the All-State Team (to which she has also been named). “But we didn’t get to play much this year,” Cupp said, “so I didn’t think about it anymore.”

Noting she was honored to be able to represent Greene County Tech and its soccer team as an All-American, Cupp made it clear she owed any such honors to her teammates. “If they hadn’t practiced with me,” she said, “I wouldn’t have gotten it.”

Both Cupp and King pointed out she had never played soccer before her junior year. “She was 5A All-Conference her junior year,” King said, “and her team named her Miss Hustle.”

He said she was mainly a defensive player and as such, scoring goals was not her primary focus. Her team only allowed 18 goals her junior year, he said in a text. Noting the shortened season her senior year, King said the team allowed only five goals that season.

“She started every game her junior year,” King said, “and they were 15-5.” Her senior year, King said, she was team co-captain, noting her All-American and All-State team awards. “She led by example and she set the bar,” he said. “She is a really good leader and she supported everything we’ve tried to do.”

Although Cupp plans to attend Arkansas State University, she does not plan to play soccer for the school.

As things stand, Cupp plans to major in either marketing or education. “If I go with education,” she said, “I would look at coaching soccer.”

Along those lines, Cupp said she would help out with Coach King and the Greene County Tech soccer team.

“I’d be looking at it for what I could learn about coaching,” she said, “and not just about playing.”

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